New from the Old: Know how to Use your Old Spices!

By: Sheetal Dhamecha

As per a report by Popular Science, spices spread the small amount of chemical they contain in our food. Spices keep changing phases, the clock starts ticking after they’re harvested. Though it varies from spice to spice, usually, the spices lose much of the potency in a year and by the end of three years, they need replacement.

However, before disposing of your spices, you must reconsider, as they might be used in many other ways.

Deal with Year Old Spices, ‘The less than fresh category’! 

Adding heat can transform spices, enhancing their smell and taste. Toasting spices is used as a hack to capture flavour. Toasting-year-old spices in a dry pan or on the grill can help to check if they’re still good to use.

Infusion in oil draws compounds out of a spice or herb. Grind the spices finely and then seal them in oil for around two to six weeks, and then filter the solid. For older spices, this jar can be put in hot water for a few minutes for better results. The oil used can be self- stable like jojoba if you’re planning to use them for self-care products or an eatable oil of your choice otherwise.

Spice a bit! Alternative Uses of Spices 

Apart from adding flavour to food, spices have various alternative uses.

  • If you’re cooking something that has a pungent smell, you can get rid of the smell in the kitchen by boiling some oil spices in water. Old, bland spices can surprisingly have amazing smell. After the smell fades, drain the water and put them to compost.
  • For clothes, create small packs of old spices. For winter clothing spices like cloves and cinnamon are helpful, as they trick us into thinking its warmer than it actually is. For summer clothes, spices like dried mint and coriander that feel ‘cool’ are helpful. A fun fact is that you can keep the sachets in with stinky clothes before you can send them for laundry.
  • Instead of buying carpet freshener, baking soda and spices can be mixed in the ratio of 2:1. Shake this over the carpet and vacuum it after a few minutes.
  • If you love crafts, you shall definitely love to use these colorful ingredients. Often, dried whole herbs are used often as decoration and stay fragrant for a long time. Spices can be used as the coloring agents in paints, indeed kid- friendly, favorable fragrant paints. You’ve got to mix together one cup of flour, 1.25 cups of cold water, and a tablespoon of neutral oil until it’s thick enough to paint. Divide it into different and then mix in different colorful spices.




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