Attract Miracles in your Life

by Arogyadham Maa Yoga Ashram

You are a magnet and magnet attracts…

Actually, we all are magnets because what we want in our life we attract it. It’s our Perception in our subconscious mind works for us and it always comes in front of us. it’s the vibrational frequency in which we are..we attract the things, people and circumstances having the same frequencies.

so the higher the frequency of your thoughts, your feelings, the higher miraculous outcome will be, so think whatever is of high vibrational frequency and you will get the higher frequency in return.

I have seen many couples who are living happily from past 10 yrs. although when they got married they had different mindsets different priorities, different thinking but slowly when they came in the same vibrational frequencies, same perceptions, same thoughts, then their behaviour began to be similar …as they born to be for each other…How does it happen?

The only answer to this is “Like attracts Like”…

If you are happy, you will attract the happy people, If you are sad or upset, you will attract the same circumstances the whole day, whole week, whole life until you raise your frequency.

People usually complain as ..

“Today ‘s day was very bad”, why??because in the morning they are going to brush your teeth and the toothpaste was finished and they got angry and upset and then lower their vibrational frequency, it means the lower frequency attract the lower don’t feel bad for the little and simple things, don’t lower your vibrations ,go for higher frequency the whole day and you will feel fantastic.

Throughout our Daily Life, we interact so many people in our day, every moment has an impact on our overall energy levels and our state of being. Every choice in a day influences us to move on a good energy level or a bad one. The choice is ours.

So Judge yourself whether we are increasing our frequency or Lowering it…

when you are overflowed with hatred, complaints, guilt, fear, sadness, the anxiety we entered in a low energy state that’s why you bock the good vibrations arrived from spirituality, positiveness, which may cause deep depressions, anxiety and many other health challenges. so we have to raise our vibrations to stay connected with the almighty ..with the universe..with the super soul.

By raising your vibrations you can experience a true state of intuition, joy, happiness, satisfaction, love, connection with almighty.

“Vibrate at the highest possible Frequency” Kathy Headley(Life Coach)


The High vibrational frequency is one in which a person is enlightened with the formless almighty, the universe, the super soul and feels the immense happiness. Its the state of contentment, the increase spiritual awareness and then that person can attract anything, anyone in his Life. whether it’s about success, money, health, happiness, dreams…each and everything You Want…Increase your vibrations by feeling good and happy..and all your dreams are in your Hands.

“What We Think, We Become”

Gautam Buddha(Indian Prince)

Founder of Buddhism(563 BC-483 BC)

If you think Positive,,, Feel Good…then you are on higher vibrational frequency ..which habitually slowly become the perception of your subconscious mind and gets rooted deep inside you.

“You Might remember that nothing can bring you success but yourself”



So Practice Self Love, happiness and Positivity as you are a special and unique child of this universe ..

The Most powerful thing in the entire universe is Love, However, it’s not only the Love you give to others but also the love you give to yourself….The SELF LOVE.

Relieve any sense of Guilt, resentment, anger, jealousy from your Mind..from your thoughts and try to be cool, calm, happy and excited.

I again remind you that You are the unique special child of this creature, the Almighty made you with your special curves, the special behaviour, the special smile, The Special Beauty, The Special Talent, The special Intelligence and many more..Love yourself as You Are.

You are the child of this almighty and you are most precious.Love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness can heal you from inside out. Be Kind to yourself and tell yourself how beautiful you are, as you are a winner, you can make amazing decisions, that you deserve abundance and that you may fail or lost at times, but you will never lose lessons and experiences.

“Accept everything about yourself-I means everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the End-no apologies, no regrets”



“You Yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your Love and affection”

Gautam Buddha(Indian Prince)

Founder of Buddhism(563 BC-483 BC)

Being yourself even when the world tries to tame you, Run free and wild, the right people will run right along with you and then you will see everything else will fall into the place.

Repetition is the key to success. If you want to love yourself then give positive affirmations to yourself daily.

“Any Idea Plan or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought “



The easiest step to feeling good and happy is to focus on the small details of what you are thinking, feeling and doing. Questioned yourself whether it is a positive attitude and making me happy and on high vibration or making you sad, depressed and low.

By thinking through a new perspective, in terms of feeling and actions, there is an added advantage a sense of progress. It also provides “fined grained feedback”. You would feel like your happiness level is improving. Habits are made up of many little thoughts, feelings and actions. Paying attention to the little changes in thoughts, feelings and actions would help you to achieve a sense of progress even if we have not fully formed the new habit yet.

The progress is our friend, no matter how small.

When you focus on all the little thoughts feelings and actions behind building a new habit it gives you more scaffolding to hold your habit in place and more levels to pull.

“The key to success is discovering your innate power and using it daily” L LES BROWN


(JAN3- ,1977-JAN3,1983)


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