There is a direct connection between your identity and destiny. It’s a simple process to see and understand, even on a daily basis. If you wake up irritated (in a bad mood), it means you are seeing yourself as an irritated being (soul).

Perhaps, you even think and, sometimes, say to yourself, “I’m irritated today.” It means your self-identity is negative. So, you filter the world through your negative filter and the world actually looks like an irritable place.

As a result, you think negative thoughts, generate a negative attitude and give negative energy to others. They, in turn, will likely return the same negative energy, which you are sending to them and perhaps avoid you altogether.

So, your destiny of the day becomes not so positive! Now, see the same principle and process in life on a larger scale. Look around outside you, now; and you will see a reflection of how you see yourself inside.

Your circumstances, your relationships and even the events of the day reflect back to you, depending on how you see yourself.

Reference: World Renewal – December 2018


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