Benefits of different Hand Mudras

It is well-known that yoga can do wonders, and people, who are religious with practicing it, have benefited a lot. Yoga is so much more than just practicing asana that help in twisting the body or strengthening and toning the body. There are many ancient techniques that are helpful in yoga and one of them is that of mudras. A mudra is nothing but an ancient technique that is practiced at the time of meditation of Pranayama. The mudras can also be described as emotional, psychic, aesthetic gestures of hands. Many ancient yoga masters explain mudras as balancing the energy in the body.

Mudras are used to change the mood, perception and attitude of a person. They are also very helpful in increasing awareness and mindfulness in a person. Practicing different mudras may include a combination of different asanas, pranayama, visulaization and breathing techniques at times and at other times it is a simple practice of hand positions. In addition to awakening the pranas, chakras, mudras also help in inculcating a balance in the subtle body which lead to uniting with a higher state of consciousness.

It is never late to start with yoga which is why you should start practicing a few of these yoga mudras as they are highly beneficial.

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