For a month I followed a healthy routine but slept for only 4 hours! Here is what happened

 By Kalpana S

My struggle with weight started early. I had days where I ate well, days when I had brilliant workout sessions, but such days rarely coincided. In fact on days I worked out heavily, I kept on hogging the whole day. And the day when I ate fine, I often skipped workout. So I finally bought a health journal and decided to track my diet and workout progress. Naturally, because the journal was a big inspiration for me, I managed to follow it strictly.
I managed to stick to my 1200 calories almost every day and I did not touch outside food at all. I religiously hit the gym on all 30 days without taking a day’s break. Still when on the 30th day, I measured my weight, I was only 1 kilo lighter. That’s when I spoke to my nutritionist and found out that less sleep was sabotaging my weight loss goals.

Due to my hectic schedule and addiction to web series, I often slept quite late in the night and woke up early because I had to hit the gym. I did feel sleep sometimes during the day but I had promised myself to stick to my resolution of following a healthy diet and workout routine for a month and in the process, I did not give a valid thought to my sleep cycle.

I was always a late sleeper but because I was rising early, my body was not getting enough rest. A recent study, which was published in Lipid Research journal by Pennsylvania State University stated that sleep disruption can negatively impact your metabolism. Ultimately, it is your metabolism that decides how much and how soon will you lose the excess weight.

The researchers shared that the participants felt low sense of satisfaction after eating the same rich meal when they were sleep deprived than when they were well rested.

 They also found that sleep deprivation affected the postprandial lipid response, which was responsible for faster clearance of lipids from the blood after a meal. That made people at risk of putting on weight.

I am not sure how much of this study alone is enough to describe the ill effects of lack of sleep – but my experience was enough to tell me that your body needs to rest well too if you want to lose weight.


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